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EWI has been in business in the State of Florida since 1998, consolidating the interests of family-run businesses. This consolidation brings prior experience of over 25 years in various states (California, Nevada, Texas, New England States and Florida). Currently EWI covers all of South East United States and the Caribbean.


In the past years, we have worked with many major commercial general contractors in some of the largest projects in Central Florida, i.e. Balfour Beatty, Welbro, Hunt, PCL, Hensel Phelps, Wharton-Smith, Culpeper, Brasfield & Gorrie, Skanska, and others. Letters of recommendations and appreciation from EWI customers are found on this website as evidence of our performance, quality and service.


Our dedication to quality, our commitment to excellence and our immaculate reputation makes us the ideal contractor in this industry.


In 2007, 2008, and again in 2009, we appear on the list of the Top 500 companies in Hispanic Business Magazine, making us the 95th largest Hispanic-owned business in Florida and the second largest Hispanic-owned construction company in Orlando.




We work with excellent quality materials and the best optimal result.



Drywall (or gypsum board), one of the most common building materials of our time, hasn't always been as popular as it is now. When it was first invented nearly 100 years ago (1916, to be exact), drywall was thought to be an inferior and undesirable product.


However, in the mid 1950s, the amount of drywall installation in the U.S. skyrocketed due to its use in the construction of suburban homes. These houses had to be built quickly and cost effectively. In this capacity, drywall was shown to be a much more effective and practical material than traditional wet plaster and wood forms.


Today drywall is the most common wall construction in commercial and residential projects. The mechanics at EWI can install a large range of drywall products including regular drywall, abuse resistant, fire rated, shaft wall, moisture resistant, paperless drywall and exterior sheathing. EWI can provide you with the proper installation and finish, to create a beautiful product that endorses the great invention of drywall.

Stucco Plastering


Portland Cement Plaster

This cementations cladding system referred to by many as “Stucco” is an excellent traditional and durable Finish System.  It has versatility of design and aesthetic appeal.  Stucco has high abuse and impact resistance with a low maintenance and life-cycle cost ratio.  The proper installation of stucco requires experience and qualified mechanics who understand the product and all the ingredients necessary to assure a waterproof system.  EWI understands the importance of preventing water intrusion and complying with specifications and manufacture’s recommendations.

Stucco has proven its performance through long use and exposure to wet, cold, and warm climates.  The expertise of our mechanics is unsurpassed in this industry, with skills developed through years of field experience following a four year apprenticeship program.  Our experience in this field is the key to our unmatched quality, service, reputation and customer satisfaction

EIFS Services


Exterior Insulation Finish System

EIFS is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes rigid insulation board (expanded polystyrene) which is attached adhesively or mechanically to the sheathing, CMU or other substrates. The insulation is covered with a lamina composed of a modified cement basecoat with woven glass fiber reinforcement and a textured colored finish coat.


With EIFS our skilled applicators can create all types of architectural detailing (cornices, keystones, arches, columns decorative accents) that would normally be cost-prohibitive using conventional construction materials. These computer generated designs are precision cut out of insulation board attached to the substrate or wall and the covered with the EIFS basecoat mesh and finish coat. Using this clever process EWI can give a striking, distinctive appearance to any building or residence.


The popularity of the EIFS is due to its superior energy efficiency and the unlimited design flexibility. EWI has installed millions of square feet and is one of the best EIFS applicators in the USA.

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