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Letters of recommendations and appreciation from our customers.
An evidence of our performance, quality and service.


In Reference to Project: Hilton Orlando


19 October 2009 15:25


They are an excellent partner.


"EWI performs their work with professionalism and competency. They are an excellent partner and understand the 'give and take' so necessary in successful projects. I have no reservations in recommending them as a quality EIFS constructor."

Welbro Building Corporation

James D. Andrews, Sr Vice President Operations

In Reference to Project: Animal Kingdom Lodge Annex


Thursday, 07 May 2009 15:21


"Can Do" attitude


"Exterior Walls, Inc. and its team of subcontractors worked with not only Balfour Beatty Construction, but also WaltDisney Imagineering and their consultants to ensure the owner received a high quality product. Exterior Walls, Inc. through their experience, professionalism and "can do" attitude delivered an excellent product and assisted in making this project a success."

Balfour Beatty Construction

Amy L. Ariko, Project Manager

In Reference to Project: Halifax Medical Center Exp., Daytona Beach, FL


Monday, 06 April 2009 15:16


Your commitments were always something I could rely on.


"Your support in maintaining the stringent schedule throughout the Project was crucial to the success of the envelop component of the Building. In addition, your commitments were always something I could rely on."

Letter Signed by:

Robins & Morton

Ken Aquino, Sr Superintendent

In Reference to Project: The Villas at Reunion Square


Friday, 06 April 2007 15:40


"Thanks to our long term working relationship with the team at Balfour Beatty [and EWI] we were able to meet every goal presented to us and were able to complete the Villas at Reunion Square, even with the significant amount of challenges the team faced . . . " 

Ginn Development International

Rob Hale, Vice Pres. CEO, Ginn Dev. Int., LLC

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