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Read the story about the challenges of installing exterior barriers on a tall apartment building in the middle of downtown Orlando


environmental conditions

safety concerns


EWI's crew installed a Sto Corp EIFS wall coating on a 22-story apartment building in downtown Orlando in 2017-2018.

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the story

Putting Up Barriers 

"Usually you try to take barriers down in apartment buildings, but on this new construction the building envelope included an air/moisture barrier"

The story starts here:

The story was captured beginning with page 56  

enlarged here for easier reading.

Retrieved from CoatingsPro Magazine online

November 2018 issue page 56 through 61.

images can be clicked to  enlarge for easier of reading

"Liquid Barriers Envelope Downtown Skyscraper"


Stephanie Marie Chizik,
Editor in Chief
Coatings Pro Magazine


The second page,  page 57,

is shown below.

Page 57 consists

only of pictures of the construction

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Page 58


the story

Page 56 picture with caption


Right side of page 56 together with All of page 57

page 57  only contains pictures of  the building 

page 57 - bottom picture with caption

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